About me

I am a second-year PhD student at the University Of Chicago in the department of Computer Science. I work in the SAND Lab where I am being advised by Professor Heather Zheng and Professor Ben Zhao . I am interested in developing efficient and robust neural architectures for Natural Language Processing.


Towards a General Video-based Keystroke Inference Attack
Zhuolin Yang, Yuxin Chen, Zain Sarwar, Hadleigh Schwartz, Ben Y. Zhao, Haitao Zheng
Proceedings of USENIX Security Symposium
Anaheim CA, August 2023.
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Deepfake Text Detection: Limitations and Opportunities
Jiameng Pu, Zain Sarwar, Sifat Muhammad Abdullah, Abdullah Rehman, Yoonjin Kim, Parantapa Bhattacharya, Mobin Javed, and Bimal Viswanath
IEEE S&P (Oakland) 2023, San Francisco, CA, May 2023.
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Deepfake Text Detection: Limitations and Opportunities